Your showtune for June 20 is

“The Love of My Life” – Brigadoon

Music: Frederick Loewe   Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

After unsuccessfully trying to seduce a man, the wanton Meg ruminates on her many affairs in the search for love in this song.  Sometimes it takes a while as proven on this day in 1996 when the man married the most times (a world record at 29) finally found the love of his life when he married the woman married the most times (23).  You may balk at that prospect, but you won’t at this tribute to the pursuit of love, one of the more gamesome numbers from this beguiling musical about a mystical village in Scotland which only appears once every hundred years.



Your showtune for May 2 is

“The Lusty Month of May” – Camelot

Music: Frederick Loewe   Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

Soak in the flowers, the sunshine, and the sexiness of the season as Guinevere and the people of Camelot celebrate the lusty month of May.  This merry ditty from a ravishing musical centered around the legend of King Arthur is rife with aural pleasures that will certainly leave you feeling more than satisfied.


Your showtune for March 20 is

“Hurry! It’s Lovely Up Here!” – On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Music: Burton Lane   Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

Spring usually begins around this time of year, though sometimes the flowers take a while to catch up.  In this delightful number from a musical about past lives, the slightly clairvoyant Daisy sings to various flower buds to get them to grow.  Maybe if you sing to the plants in your neighborhood today, the flora and fauna will bloom that much quicker.


Your showtune for March 13 is

“The Night They Invented Champagne” – Gigi

Music: Frederick Loewe   Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

Who knows what night they actually invented champagne?  Supposedly a French monk invented champagne on accident and upon sipping it, cried out, “I’m drinking the stars!”  Tonight, listen to this jovial song about the pleasures of bubbly from this highly-acclaimed musical and toast to the stars.


Your showtune for August 10 is

“Show Me” – My Fair Lady

Music: Frederick Loewe   Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

Missouri, nicknamed the Show Me State, was admitted into the union on this day in 1821.  While this musical is set across the pond from the U.S., this number could be the Show Me State’s theme song.  Flower girl-turned-respectable-lady Eliza Doolittle sings this fervent demand to her suitor Freddy in the second act, asking him to show his feelings rather than simply voice them.