Who is the big bad bandit?

“You’ve been hoodwinked, baby!”

This animated whodunit is a glorious satire of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.  The animation isn’t stellar, but the story makes up for it and will actually keep you guessing til the end.  Great fun with an all-star voice cast, I think it’s time to investigate this film further…

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Kaikaro Tea House, Kanazawa, Japan

Kaikaro Tea House, Kanazawa, Japan
Gold leaf covered tatami mats at Kanazawa’s Kaikaro Tea House. 

Faust works in Fashion

“I thought you would be different.  I said to myself, go ahead.  Take a chance.  Hire the smart, fat girl.”

A searing look at the fashion industry, anyone who has ever worked for anyone else will cringe at the way poor Andy Sachs is treated, feel relief that they’re not the target of such vitriol, and relish every second of it.  If you haven’t yet indulged, savor this diabolically entertaining flick starring the incomparable Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway as a girl who practically sells her soul to give her career a boost.

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Fukushima Shamisen Shop, Kanazawa, Japan

Fukushima Shamisen Shop, Kanazawa, Japan

A 100 year old Shamisen Craftsmen.