Your showtune for June 27 is

“Sugar Daddy” – Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Trask

On this day in 1994, Anna Nicole Smith married J. Howard Marshall, a man whom many would call a sugar daddy as he was 63 years her senior.  In this musical autobiography told by the fictional Hedwig, the transgendered East German rock star sings this zealous invitation for a sugar daddy.  Shameless though it may be, the rollicking number is also a genuine plea by a desperate individual craving a better life.  Whether this was the case with Anna Nicole Smith is unknown, but no one can fault someone for wanting to improve their situation.


Your showtune for June 26 is

“Wedding Bells” – Bare

Music: Damon Intrabartolo   Lyrics: Jon Hartmere, Jr.

Rounding out our songs in honor of wedding bells, Peter dreams of marrying his secret boyfriend Jason in this number which opens the second act of this pop opera set in a Catholic boarding school.  Unfortunately for Peter, his dream turns into a nightmare, and the show ends with Jason’s death as well as an uncertain future.  Fortunately for us, the Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional on this day in 2013, giving homosexual couples the right to get married in the U.S. and creating a world where Peter and Jason’s story need not end so tragically.


Your showtune for June 25 is

“Black and White World” – The It Girl

Music: Paul McKibbins   Lyrics: B.T. McNicholl

In this opening number, a cinema operator is sucked into the black and white world of the classic silent movie It where she becomes the new leading lady and girl with it all: style, sex appeal, and eventually, the man of her dreams.  It’s musical fluff that is not very memorable but pleasant nonetheless, much like the first color TV program broadcast on this day in 1951.  While pleasant, the program was not very memorable since black and white televisions prevented the majority of people from enjoying it.