Your showtune for May 22 is

“Back of the Moon” – King Kong (1959) Music: Todd Matshikiza Lyrics: Todd Matshikiza & Pat Williams


“Full Moon Lullaby” – King Kong (2013)   Music: Marius de Vries   Lyrics: Michael Mitnick & Craig Lucas

Two moon tunes are in honor of a lunar eclipse which occurred on this day in 1453 fulfilling a prophecy of the fall of Constantinople.  The first is a snazzy tune from a South African jazz opera about the life of boxer Ezekiel Dlamini.  The second is an alluring hymn from a musical based on the classic 1933 film about a giant ape that almost causes the fall of New York.



Your showtune for May 21 is

“Tips” – Pump Boys and Dinettes

Music and Lyrics: John Foley, Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, John Schimmel, & Jim Wann

Jam-packed with innuendo, this sizzling, countrified tune is a reminder of what servers work for.  Treat yourself to this musical morsel about workers at a gas station/diner in honor of National Waiter and Waitresses Day, which occurs on this day annually in the U.S.  Why not treat yourself to dinner out as well?  Just be sure to leave a large tip if you enjoy the service.


Your showtune for May 20 is

“And Then There Were None” – Spring Awakening

Music: Duncan Sheik   Lyrics: Steven Sater

Agatha Christie’s famous mystery And Then There Were None was serialized in a U.S. newspaper beginning on this day until July 1, 1939 before being published as a novel in 1940.  This musical is set in the late 1800s but uses alternative rock music to tell the story of teenagers coming of age in a sexually oppressed society.  During this number, a desperate young man loses hope as he receives a written reply from an adult friend denying his request to aid him in fleeing the country.


Your showtune for May 19 is

“Sailing” – A New Brain

Music and Lyrics: William Finn

What would you rather be doing today?  In this affectionate song, a man sings to his hospitalized boyfriend providing him an escape from the dreary surroundings.  It’s just one of the many sweet moments in this musical centered on the sudden, terrifying notion that death may claim you before accomplishing all that you want in life.