Your showtune for May 26 is

“Cut, Print… Moving On” – Bombshell

Music: Marc Shaiman   Lyrics: Scott Wittman

The development of a new musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe was the focus of Broadway-themed television drama Smash which premiered in 2012.  This number ends act one of Bombshell, the stage show-within-a-show.  Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after the second season and ended on this day in 2013.  Cut, print…  Moving on.


Some Special Guests at the Museum of American History, Washington, DC

Museum of American History, Washington, DC

Your showtune for May 25 is

“Right Place, Right Time” – Starlight Express

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber   Lyrics: Richard Stilgoe

If you’re not in the right place at the right time, you won’t win the race according to this funky number from a musical about magical anthropomorphic trains.  Luck may be a determining factor in races, but it is also indeterminable, so there is no use in waiting around for the right place and time to tackle a challenge.  Today is the day.


Your showtune for May 24 is

“It’s Nicer In Nice” – The Boy Friend

Music and Lyrics: Sandy Wilson

Paris is undoubtedly the most famous city in France, the setting of thousands upon thousands of books, plays, and movies, including the silent film Paris released on this day in 1926.  No matter how famous Paris is, there are still some who prefer a different city.  The Boy Friend, a spoof of 20’s era comedies like the aforementioned film, proves this when one character extols the virtues of another French city, Nice.  When in France, be sure to visit both cities so you can decide for yourself if it’s nicer in Nice.


Your showtune for May 23 is

“Anything Goes” – Anything Goes

Music and Lyrics: Cole Porter

The exhilarating title number of this musical about cruise ship capers is belted by a spunky nightclub singer who is soon joined by the rest of the crew.  This day in 1984 saw the U.S. release of the second Indiana Jones film, which included a memorable performance of this ode to changing times in Mandarin by actress Kate Capshaw.  Musical numbers in action adventure films?  When it comes to showtunes, anything goes.