Your showtune for June 17 is

“My Cup Runneth Over” – I Do! I Do!

Music: Tom Jones   Lyrics: Harvey Schmidt

This June tune comprises all the affection of fifty years of marriage in a few minutes.  It is simple and dear like the one-set, two-character musical it stems from.  Based on the play The Fourposter by Jan de Hartog, the show takes a look at married life behind closed doors over a period of five decades.



Your showtune for December 7 is

“Try to Remember” – The Fantasticks

Music: Harvey Schmidt   Lyrics: Tom Jones

In this musical allegory based on the play The Romancers by Edmond Rostand, two fathers pretend to feud in order to bring their children together, hire a mysterious acting troupe to speed up the process, and get a bit more than they bargained for.  Listen to this wistful song today, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, observed to honor the victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor which occurred on this day in 1941.


Your showtune for November 24 is

“You’re Not Foolin’ Me” – 110 In the Shade

Music: Harvey Schmidt   Lyrics: Tom Jones

When a charming stranger promises rain for a price to a drought-stricken town, local spinster Lizzie and the man duel with words in this stimulating duet.  A strong dislike masks a strong attraction however, and magic eventually develops between them even though he reveals himself as a fake in this musical based on the play The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash.  Television series Breaking the Magician’s Code premiered on this day in 1997 and increased the popularity of magic shows despite revealing the secrets behind various tricks and illusions.