Your showtune for July 6 is

“Blame It on the Summer Night” – Rags

Music: Charles Strouse   Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

A life full of promise awaited the thousands of immigrants willing to make the journey to America in the early 20th century, the subject of this musical.  This sultry number sung by a woman feeling gloriously liberated as she soaks in her moonlit surroundings will keep you snug and toasty all night long.  Tonight, enjoy the warmth of summer with this sizzling tune.



Your showtune for June 16 is

“Defying Gravity” – Wicked

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

From the composer who penned the stunning score for the animated film The Prince of Egypt comes this delectable musical about a misunderstood green girl in the merry old land of Oz.  In this number which closes Act One in a truly dramatic fashion, Elphaba astounds all when she takes flight for the first time, defying gravity and the Wizard in what will cause her to become known as the Wicked Witch of the West.  The first woman to defy gravity was a Russian who traveled into space on this day in 1963, leaving the U.S. green with envy as the first American woman to enter orbit did not do so until twenty years later.


Your showtune for April 1 is

“Topsy Turvy” – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Music: Alan Menken   Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

Happy Musical Day!  Today you must sing everything you say…  April Fools.  The citizens of Paris celebrate a similar holiday with a bit of gypsy flair in this jubilant number from this musical based on Victor Hugo’s novel and the Disney animated film.  Be sure to keep your guard up and also your humor on this topsy turvy day.


Your showtune for January 7 is

“Day By Day” – Godspell

Music: Stephen Schwartz   Lyrics: John-Michael Tebelak

You have to live your life day by day.  No matter what your religion, this jubilant musical based on stories from the Bible is a parable worthy of contemplation, and the buoyant score will undoubtedly leave you spellbound.


Your showtune for November 12 is

“Some Things Don’t End” – Personals

Music: Stephen Schwartz   Lyrics: David Crane, Seth Friedman, & Marta Kauffman

In this poignant number which ends this musical comedy-revue about dating, Sam convinces Claire to continue seeing him even though one of them may get hurt because every once in a while some things don’t end.  It’s true that some things don’t end, as evidenced by The Neverending Story written by Michael Ende, born on this day in 1929.


Your showtune for October 31 is

“Trick or Treat” – Captain Louie

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

Happy Halloween!  This jolly number has the titular Louie trick or treating with his friends in this one-act musical based on the children’s book by Ezra Jack Keats.  Whether your plans involve tricks or treats, let this “Captain” steer you to fun today.


Your showtune for September 10 is

“On the Right Track” – Pippin

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

Hopefully you feel like you are on the right track in life, but if not, listen to this pleasant diversion today.  Prince Pippin struggles to find his purpose in life throughout this musical which is essentially one long existential crisis in which the audience is along for the ride.  Thankfully, it is one Hell of a fun ride, crisis and all.  Our leading man is serenaded by the smooth talking Leading Player in this melodious song which encourages us to take it easy.