Journey to Wonderland with ALICE

“Does this look like a kid’s story to you?”

This thrilling sci-fi/fantasy miniseries based on Lewis Carroll’s classic story originally aired on television in 2009.  Highly recommended for an enormously entertaining adventure through the looking glass.

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Your showtune for November 14 is

“Now!” – The Brain From Planet X

Music and Lyrics: Bruce Kimmel

The first radio bulletin by BBC was broadcast on this day in 1922, and now the network is one of the most reliable sources for global news.  In this diverting number, aliens who have invaded the planet broadcast their plan for what will happen now while the earthlings try to come up with one.  If we ever were to have an alien invasion, at least we know BBC would have us covered as the news outlets around the world do in this musical sendup of 1950’s sci-fi films.  Luckily, we are all safe…  For now!



Your showtune for October 20 is

“The Sun” – Metropolis

Music: Joe Brooks   Lyrics: Joe Brooks & Dusty Hughes

In this science fiction epic based on the silent film, the world is in a constant state of darkness, and the only energy available comes from slave labor below the bustling Metropolis which houses the social elite.  Stricken with grief after his girlfriend dies from the horrible working conditions, George sings this tortured lament about the lack of light in his life and plans to escape to the city above.  As winter creeps in, the sun will rise later and set earlier, so appreciate the daylight today while it lasts.


Your showtune for September 26 is

“Time Warp” – The Rocky Horror Show

Music and Lyrics: Richard O’Brien

The film version of this musical parody of science fiction and B horror movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, opened on this day in 1975.  It must have gotten caught in a time warp because the movie has never stopped being screened in theaters (usually at midnight), making it the longest-running release in history.  Celebrate that fact with the show’s most famous number, the dance-infectious, crowd-pleasing “Time Warp.”