Your showtune for March 18 is

“Words, Words, Words” – The Witches of Eastwick

Music: Dana P. Rowe   Lyrics: John Dempsey

A devilishly handsome smooth-talker coaxes the introverted Sukie to open up in this droll number from this musical about magic, seduction, and scandal in a sleepy New England town.  Sometimes you just have to find the right words to express yourself.  Thankfully, the author who wrote the novel which inspired this musical found his words:  John Updike, born on this day in 1932.



Your showtune for January 17 is

“I Stayed” – A Catered Affair

Music and Lyrics: John Bucchino

Reports of the Lewinsky scandal first broke on this day in 1998 which began a long, tiresome cycle for the entire nation.  In the end, First Lady Hillary Clinton decided to stay with her husband despite his indiscretions.  This declaration from one spouse to another in this stark family drama involves a much different state of affairs, but it is an affecting look at why some people choose to stay in a marriage even in the face of distressing circumstances.