Your showtune for July 8 is

“Nobody Told Me” – No Strings

Music and Lyrics: Richard Rodgers

The term ‘flash mob’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary on this day in 2004 to describe a random, sudden public performance by an assembly of people.  It is unlikely that a flash mob would form during this low-key number from this musical about a whirlwind romance between a fashion model and a writer in Paris.  The score is so subdued, it uses no string instruments as the title suggests.  Now that ‘flash mob’ is an official term though, you won’t be sitting on the sideline thinking, “Nobody told me what this is” if you happen to catch one.



Your showtune for June 30 is

“Shall We Dance?” – The King and I

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

This musical about British schoolteacher Anna Leonowens and her experiences with the King of Siam while charged to educate his many children was a huge success for all involved.  Original Broadway cast member Yul Bynner was so dynamic as the king, he won a Tony Award, reprised the role on film and won an Oscar, and went on to play the role thousands more times onstage until his final performance on this day in 1985.  In this number, Anna and the king share an intimate moment when they dance together for the first and last time.


Your showtune for June 13 is

“June Is Bustin’ Out All Over” – Carousel

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

As summer sets in, the residents of a New England coastal town prepare for a clambake in this joyous number from this musical about a romance that blossoms after a chance meeting on the titular merry-go-round.  With June in full swing, time to bust out the flip flops, swim suits, and picnic baskets and have some summer fun!


Your showtune for May 29 is

“Honey Bun” – South Pacific

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

This song is in honor of USO entertainer extraordinaire Bob Hope who was born on this day in 1903.  During the comedic number, nurse Nellie Forbush dresses like a sailor and sings about her honey bun, a man poorly disguised as a woman.  It is all part of a Thanksgiving Follies show being performed for the troops in this musical set during World War II about romance complicated by racial prejudice.


Your showtune for April 21 is

“Bargaining” – Do I Hear a Waltz?

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

With spring cleaning on the horizon, you really must know how to bargain if you intend to host a garage sale or attend one.  Not to worry.  You can learn great bargaining skills by listening to this jaunty tune where an Italian shop owner teaches an American the tricks of the trade from this lush musical set in Venice.


Your showtune for March 3 is

“I Enjoy Being a Girl” – Flower Drum Song

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

For all those who enjoy being a girl, Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day takes place every year on this day in Japan.  Celebrate with this saucy number sung by a self-confident woman who likes to show off.  The song is actually from a musical about Chinese Americans assimilating to American culture while struggling to hold on to their traditional values, but it captures the feeling of feminine pride perfectly.


Your showtune for February 21 is

“I Could Write a Book” – Pal Joey

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Lorenz Hart

The charismatic but scheming Joey from the musical’s title first appeared in short stories in The New Yorker, a magazine which debuted on this day in 1925.  Joey sings “I Could Write a Book” to a girl he’s trying to seduce, but author John O’Hara was thinking the same thing as he published his stories in novel form and wrote the book for this arresting musical.