Your showtune for April 21 is

“Bargaining” – Do I Hear a Waltz?

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

With spring cleaning on the horizon, you really must know how to bargain if you intend to host a garage sale or attend one.  Not to worry.  You can learn great bargaining skills by listening to this jaunty tune where an Italian shop owner teaches an American the tricks of the trade from this lush musical set in Venice.


Your showtune for March 3 is

“I Enjoy Being a Girl” – Flower Drum Song

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

For all those who enjoy being a girl, Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day takes place every year on this day in Japan.  Celebrate with this saucy number sung by a self-confident woman who likes to show off.  The song is actually from a musical about Chinese Americans assimilating to American culture while struggling to hold on to their traditional values, but it captures the feeling of feminine pride perfectly.


Your showtune for February 21 is

“I Could Write a Book” – Pal Joey

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Lorenz Hart

The charismatic but scheming Joey from the musical’s title first appeared in short stories in The New Yorker, a magazine which debuted on this day in 1925.  Joey sings “I Could Write a Book” to a girl he’s trying to seduce, but author John O’Hara was thinking the same thing as he published his stories in novel form and wrote the book for this arresting musical.


Your showtune for February 20 is

“It Might As Well Be Spring” – State Fair

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

Knowing spring is just around the corner, another month of winter can seem unbearable.  It might as well be spring by this point, right?  In this quaint number, the anxious Margy wistfully expresses her desire for something new and exciting to happen.  Add a little warmth to your day with this Oscar-winning tune from the only Rodgers and Hammerstein musical written directly for the screen.


Your showtune for January 14 is

“Imagine” – Babes in Arms

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Lorenz Hart

No, this is not John Lennon’s hit song (which incidentally was used in the bio musical Lennon), but a sweet little ditty with unfortunate circumstances.  Stuck in a score containing so many standards, it can easily be overlooked.  This is a treasure like all the rest however, and perhaps even more so because it encourages you to imagine.  Today and every day, don’t forget to give your imagination some time to play.


Your showtune for October 8 is

“Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’” – Oklahoma!

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

This bright number starts a capella, the first a capella opening to a musical ever.  Its sunny lyrics set the tone of this show about a cowboy and his cantankerous courtship of a farm girl named Laurey in the territory of Oklahoma at the dawn of statehood.  The song also paved the way for many more a capella opportunities.  On this day in 2010, a completely a capella musical entitled Perfect Harmony began previews off-Broadway.


Your showtune for August 27 is

“Impossible/It’s Possible” – Cinderella

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

Cinderella’s fairy godmother uses magic to demonstrate that impossible feats are sometimes possible in this ravishing sequence.  The Guinness Book of World Records keeps track of these feats, the first edition of which was bound on this day in 1955.  All right, a pumpkin cannot turn into a carriage, but this version of the well-known fairy tale is an impossibly appealing musical fantasy.