Journey to Wonderland with ALICE

“Does this look like a kid’s story to you?”

This thrilling sci-fi/fantasy miniseries based on Lewis Carroll’s classic story originally aired on television in 2009.  Highly recommended for an enormously entertaining adventure through the looking glass.

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Your showtune for February 11 is

“The Color Purple” – The Color Purple

Music and Lyrics: Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, & Stephen Bray

As you walk outside today, allow yourself a moment to really take in your surroundings.  Feel the air.  Notice the colors.  Think about how good it is to be alive.  The title number of this life-affirming musical based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker teaches us not to take for granted the pleasures that exist all around us.


Your showtune for February 10 is

“Muddy Water” – Big River

Music and Lyrics: Roger Miller

This song where Huck and Jim escape via raft is probably the most stirring number in this musical adaptation of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  The classic film adaptation based on Twain’s novel and starring Mickey Rooney (which shares the same title as the novel) was released on this day in 1939.  Incidentally, a different film musical version of the novel was released in 1974 with music by the Sherman brothers (of Disney’s The Jungle Book fame, among others).


Your showtune for October 25 is

“This Can’t Go On” – Anna Karenina

Music: Daniel Levine   Lyrics: Peter Kellog

Individuals caught up in a love triangle decide they can no longer bear their situation in this dramatic number from this musical version of Leo Tolstoy’s novel of the same name set in 1800’s Russia.  Russian citizens thought similarly about their circumstances over the years as the country experienced many revolutions, including the October Revolution which began on this day in 1917 (according to the Julian Calendar which was being used by Russia at the time).


Your showtune for October 16 is

“Painting Her Portrait” – Jane Eyre

Music and Lyrics: Paul Gordon

Charlotte Brontë painted the portrait of a woman with words when her book Jane Eyre was published on this day in 1847.  In a moment of insecurity, the strong-willed protagonist sings this caustic self-evaluation in this stylish, brooding drama based on the Victorian novel.