Your showtune for July 5 is

“Hold Me Bat Boy” – Bat Boy

Music and Lyrics: Laurence O’Keefe

The audience is given exposition in this terrific opening number and prepared for the harrowing tale to follow of a child that was born half-bat and half-human.  The outrageously fun, campy musical is based on a story that ran in the tabloids, but it could actually be true.  After all, stranger things have occurred, such as the birth of Dolly the sheep on this day in 1996, the first animal to be cloned.



Your showtune for March 17 is

“Ireland” – Legally Blonde

Music and Lyrics: Laurence O’Keefe & Nell Benjamin

No, this is not an Irish pub song that will make you want to guzzle beer, but it is fitting for St. Patrick’s Day nonetheless.  When heartache strikes the determined heroine of this peppy musical based on the novel and film, hairdresser Paulette tries to cheer her up with Irish music.  Plaintively sung by a woman who longs to visit the Emerald Isle but believes she never will, this song is a goofy, passionate endorsement of Ireland, and therefore ideal for the country’s most famous national holiday.


Your showtune for October 17 is

“Dinner Song” – Sarah, Plain and Tall

Music: Laurence O’Keefe   Lyrics: Nell Benjamin

A family bickers back and forth in this snappy tune from this musical based on the children’s book by Patricia Maclachlan about a farming clan dealing with loss and the new woman in their lives.  It is a reminder not to skip dinner today.  Dine with someone you care about for as much as you may squabble, these are the moments you will cherish once they’re gone.