Your showtune for March 18 is

“Words, Words, Words” – The Witches of Eastwick

Music: Dana P. Rowe   Lyrics: John Dempsey

A devilishly handsome smooth-talker coaxes the introverted Sukie to open up in this droll number from this musical about magic, seduction, and scandal in a sleepy New England town.  Sometimes you just have to find the right words to express yourself.  Thankfully, the author who wrote the novel which inspired this musical found his words:  John Updike, born on this day in 1932.



Your showtune for January 31 is

“Forbidden Love” – Zombie Prom

Music: Dana P. Rowe   Lyrics: John Dempsey

After zombie romcom Warm Bodies premiered in Rome, the virus spread when the film was released on this day in 2013 in the Philippines, Greece, and Russia before moving on to the rest of the world.  However, before the novel and film Warm Bodies, there was Zombie Prom, a wacky musical about the forbidden love between a human and a zombie.



Your showtune for January 10 is

“Sail to the Stars” – The Pirate Queen

Music: Claude-Michel Schönberg   Lyrics: Alain Boublil & John Dempsey

Who hasn’t longed to sail to the stars?  In lieu of actual space travel, this song is the perfect escape when you need a break from life.  The gorgeous music will take you on a journey as epic as the adventures of famous female pirate Grace O’Malley, the subject of this musical.


Your showtune for November 9 is

“Child’s Play” – The Fix

Music: Dana P. Rowe   Lyrics: John Dempsey

Horrified by the man he has become, Cal confronts himself in this earnest number from this musical thriller about a politician and his dealings with the mob.  Audiences were horrified by something almost as scary as politics on this day in 1988, the release of slasher film Child’s Play which introduced killer doll Chucky.