Your showtune for April 18 is

“Because” – The Thing About Men

Music: Jimmy Roberts   Lyrics: Joe DiPietro

This unapologetic number where a wife lists all the reasons why she is having an affair is easily the best song from this show about a love triangle gone awry.  When you realize the husband has been cheating for years, the song’s gratifying conclusion will embolden you to reexamine your own relationships and take charge of your life.  Because life’s too short to play the fool.



Your showtune for January 27 is

“Someday” – Memphis

Music: David Bryan   Lyrics: David Bryan & Joe DiPietro

Someday things may not be as they are now.  In fact, that is guaranteed.  In a superb moment of foreshadowing, the resilient female lead of this musical points out that change is inevitable when she sings for the first time on the radio, though not necessarily the type of change described in this addictive doo-wop ballad.  So let’s just say you’ve got today.  Enjoy it while it lasts.


Your showtune for September 8 is

“Choose me, Oprah!” – The Toxic Avenger

Music: David Bryan   Lyrics: David Bryan & Joe DiPietro

Oprah Winfrey’s talk show first aired on this day in 1986 prompting millions to make the plea, “Choose Me, Oprah!”  During this humorous number, a blind librarian named Sarah goes over her idea for her memoir in this deranged musical about a green hero made of hazardous waste who fights corruption and pollution.