Your showtune for May 28 is

“One Second and a Million Miles” – The Bridges of Madison County

Music and Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown

This duet is an intensely passionate plea from one lover to another where the married Francesca deals with the prospect of leaving her family to run away with the man she loves.  It is but one of several sweeping numbers from a lush score in this musical based on the novel by Robert James Waller.  As you make choices today, remember a decision can be made in a second but there may be a million miles ahead to deal with the consequences.



Your showtune for April 20 is

“The Next Ten Minutes” – The Last Five Years

Music and Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown

Cathy and Jamie sing together for the first time during this tender number in which he asks her if she will share her life with him.  This two-person musical takes you on a journey through their five year relationship in chronological and reverse chronological order from first meeting to the final heartbreak.  Share the next ten minutes of your life today with someone you care about.  You never know how many minutes you’ve got with that person.


Your showtune for March 11 is

“This is Not Over Yet” – Parade

Music and Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown

In this musical based on a true story, Jewish factory manager Leo Frank is accused of the rape and murder of a young girl and put on trial in 1913.  When the case is reopened after a guilty verdict, Leo and his wife sing this stirring song, relishing in the fact that it is not over yet.  Sadly, the innocent man was hung by a lynch mob shortly after, but it truly wasn’t over as Leo Frank was officially pardoned on this day in 1986.