Your showtune for June 19 is

“An Old Fashioned Wedding” – Annie Get Your Gun

Music and Lyrics: Irving Berlin

Whether you decide to have an old-fashioned wedding, a modern one, or not get married at all, you’ll have a good old time with this playful duet between the feisty Annie Oakley and the harried Frank Butler.  This musical about the real-life stars of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West proves there’s no business like show business and no act like the act of marriage.



Your showtune for March 12 is

“Snow” – White Christmas          Music and Lyrics: Irving Berlin


“Snow” – Wings           Music: Jeffrey Lunden   Lyrics: Arthur Perlman

The southeastern U.S. was slammed by a storm of the century blizzard on this day in 1993 causing so much snow that it warranted two different songs entitled “Snow” to represent today.  In the song from the holiday classic White Christmas, everyone is excited about the prospect of snow, though the lyrics don’t say that most would prefer it be gone by March.  In the duet from the cerebral Wings, an elderly woman shares her memories of snow.



Your showtune for October 13 is

“Sex Marches On” – Louisiana Purchase

Music and Lyrics: Irving Berlin

In this musical which satirizes politics set in the early twentieth century, the company cantillate this number about how loose the country’s morals have become despite obvious corruption all around.  But this is not a new issue.  Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt was put on trial for libel decades after this show premiered, a case he eventually won.  The story is dramatized in the film The People Vs. Larry Flynt which was released on this day in 1996.  Thankfully, sex continues to march on.



Your showtune for July 28 is

“It’s a Lovely Day Today” – Call Me Madam

Music and Lyrics: Irving Berlin

It’s a lovely day today, so enjoy whatever you’ve got to do.  That is the simple yet wholesome message of this resplendent number from this musical satire which skewers U.S. foreign policy.