A most delightful film discovery: Wild Target

“Did they torture you?”

“No, I gave them your address right away.”

How to describe this film?  Quirky, irreverent, and absolutely brilliant.  We almost stopped watching at first because it is rather odd, but frequent chuckles and curiosity led us to the end.  The story of a hit man who falls for his hit and picks up a young apprentice along the way–the three of whom form a makeshift family–is delicious and deeply satisfying.  Realizing it is based on a French film entitled Cible  Èmouvante explains a lot.

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Your showtune for April 17 is

“Round and Round” – A Tale of Two Cities

Music and Lyrics: Jill Santoriello

First it was a book.  Then it was a film.  Round and round it goes.  Charles Dickens’ novel about the French Revolution is so enduring, it has seen adaptations on film, television, and the stage, including an opera which premiered on this day in 1953.  Several of the characters celebrate in this song from one of many musical adaptations which shows the pattern of seeing popular works adapted into Broadway musicals.  While this trend may not offer original stories, the new music is certainly something to celebrate.


Your showtune for August 24 is

“Chanson” – The Baker’s Wife

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

This appealing number sung by a serving woman as she begins her day sets the tone of this fable.  Our story takes place long ago in provincial France and as such, it is sung in both English and French.  A commentary on the motivation behind our daily routines and the unexpectedness of love, the “chanson” (French for “song”) may make you question why you do the things you do today, but it will certainly inspire you to find magic in the ordinary.