Your showtune for May 17 is

“Leave the World Behind” – Steel Pier

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Leave the world behind today with this little-known Kander and Ebb musical about dance marathons.  The time is the 1930s.  During a brief break from dancing, Rita dreams of being whisked off by the pilot she loves and doesn’t know is living on borrowed time in this ethereal tune.



Your showtune for March 30 is

“Coffee Shop Nights” – Curtains

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

On this day in 1971, the first Starbucks opened in Seattle and went on to become a global coffee company causing people around the world to have countless sleepless coffee shop nights.  Try not to experience too many of these or you’ll feel as humdrum as the detective in this murder mystery comedy as he discusses his job via song.


Your showtune for March 9 is

“Life Is” – Zorba

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Life is fun.  Life is depressing.  Life is unpredictable.  This dark commentary on life by a chorus of Greek villagers opens this musical in a bleak fashion, but don’t let yourself get hung up on the fact that life is fleeting.  Life is experiences, so savor them.


Your showtune for March 1 is

“Willkommen” – Cabaret

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Take a trip to a seedy nightclub in Germany at the dawning of World War II with this wicked indulgence from Cabaret.  As you willkommen a new month with the Emcee and his Kit Kat Klub boys and girls, be warned.  After hearing this terrific opening number, you will be extremely tempted to listen to the rest of the decadent score.


Your showtune for January 29 is

“Where You Are” – Kiss of the Spider Woman

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

No matter where you are in the world, musicals allow you to briefly forget life’s troubles, much like films.  In this dark musical, a man stuck in a Latin American prison passes the time by dreaming of a film star named Aurora and the various roles she played on screen.  The siren advises fantasy over reality during this upbeat number, providing a temporary escape from the confines of his cell.  When you need a break from reality, play this winning tune and let yourself be whisked away for a couple of minutes.


Your showtune for December 20 is

“All That Jazz” – Chicago

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

All That Jazz, a film directed by famous dancer Bob Fosse based on his experiences, was released on this day in 1979.  The title takes its name from the rapturous opening number of this musical satire about merry murderesses, originally choreographed by Fosse.


Your showtune for August 14 is

“City Lights” – The Act

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Has-been actress Michelle Craig sings of how she misses the city lights during this portion of her Las Vegas show in this musical which was fashioned as a star vehicle for the one and only Liza Minnelli.  A similar pang of loss was felt on this day in 2013 when the biggest power outage occurred in U.S. history, a blackout which left millions pining for those city lights.