Your showtune for June 25 is

“Black and White World” – The It Girl

Music: Paul McKibbins   Lyrics: B.T. McNicholl

In this opening number, a cinema operator is sucked into the black and white world of the classic silent movie It where she becomes the new leading lady and girl with it all: style, sex appeal, and eventually, the man of her dreams.  It’s musical fluff that is not very memorable but pleasant nonetheless, much like the first color TV program broadcast on this day in 1951.  While pleasant, the program was not very memorable since black and white televisions prevented the majority of people from enjoying it.



Your showtune for June 16 is

“Defying Gravity” – Wicked

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

From the composer who penned the stunning score for the animated film The Prince of Egypt comes this delectable musical about a misunderstood green girl in the merry old land of Oz.  In this number which closes Act One in a truly dramatic fashion, Elphaba astounds all when she takes flight for the first time, defying gravity and the Wizard in what will cause her to become known as the Wicked Witch of the West.  The first woman to defy gravity was a Russian who traveled into space on this day in 1963, leaving the U.S. green with envy as the first American woman to enter orbit did not do so until twenty years later.


Your showtune for June 12 is

“Model Behavior” – Women On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Music and Lyrics: David Yazbek

The emotional woes of several ladies over a two-day period are chronicled in this musical farce based on the Spanish film of the same name.  After a one-night stand with a man she thinks might be a terrorist, fashion model Candela leaves dozens of messages on her best friend’s phone as she frantically tries to get a hold of her during this song.  Speaking of models, Victoria’s Secret was founded on this day in 1977, a lingerie company world-renowned for their models, some of which are probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


Your showtune for June 10 is

“Over the Rainbow” – The Wizard of Oz

Music: Harold Arlen   Lyrics: E.Y. Harburg

This enduring classic is in honor of the incandescent Judy Garland, born on this day in 1922.  Ms. Garland played the young Dorothy Gale in the 1939 film version of this musical.  Sung by the character before embarking on a magical adventure to the land of Oz, this winsome ballad is a standard which will forever belong to the late great star.


Your showtune for June 9 is

“Everybody Say Yeah” – Kinky Boots

Music and Lyrics: Cyndi Lauper

When Cyndi Lauper won a Tony Award for Best Score on this day in 2013 for this glitzy musical about a partnership between the owner of a shoe factory and a drag queen, she became the first female solo winner in the category.  If that’s not enough to say yeah, listen to this sensational number which closes act one where everyone celebrates after the first pair of specialty boots is made.  Everybody say yeah!


Your showtune for June 3 is

“I Wanna Be a Producer” – The Producers

Music and Lyrics: Mel Brooks

Everyone wanted to be a producer on this day in 2001 when Mel Brooks’ legendary musical comedy received twelve Tony Awards, the most ever won by a Broadway show.  In this quirky number, the nebbish accountant Leo Bloom expresses his inner desire and soon after, schemes with partner Max to win big by producing a big flop.


Your showtune for June 2 is

“It’s Your Wedding Day” – The Wedding Singer

Music: Matthew Sklar   Lyrics: Chad Beguelin

Today may not be your wedding day, but since June is the most popular time for weddings, there will be a smattering of songs this month in celebration of tying the knot.  This first song is the splashy opening number of this bangin’ musical set in the 80’s about the titular entertainer’s own journey to the altar.