Who is the big bad bandit?

“You’ve been hoodwinked, baby!”

This animated whodunit is a glorious satire of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.  The animation isn’t stellar, but the story makes up for it and will actually keep you guessing til the end.  Great fun with an all-star voice cast, I think it’s time to investigate this film further…

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Faust works in Fashion

“I thought you would be different.  I said to myself, go ahead.  Take a chance.  Hire the smart, fat girl.”

A searing look at the fashion industry, anyone who has ever worked for anyone else will cringe at the way poor Andy Sachs is treated, feel relief that they’re not the target of such vitriol, and relish every second of it.  If you haven’t yet indulged, savor this diabolically entertaining flick starring the incomparable Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway as a girl who practically sells her soul to give her career a boost.

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⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆! A hoot!

“This fuckery stops now!”

Actually the fuckery is nonstop from the moment this film begins all the way through the end credits and fortunately, it’s hilarious.  Brilliant in every way possible, this comedy is one of the best to come out in the last decade.

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When this film was in production, interracial marriage was still illegal in 17 states in the USA

“Go into the office and make out a check for ‘Cash’ for the sum of $5000, then carefully, but carefully Hillary, remove absolutely everything that might subsequently remind me that you had ever been there, including that yellow thing with the blue bulbs which you have such an affection for.  Then take the check for $5000, which I feel you deserve, and get permanently lost.  It’s not that I don’t want to know you Hillary—although I don’t—it’s just that I’m afraid that we’re not really the people that you can afford to be associated with.  Don’t speak Hillary.  Just go.”

Katharine Hepburn at her very best.  AMAZING film.  Watch it.

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Journey to Wonderland with ALICE

“Does this look like a kid’s story to you?”

This thrilling sci-fi/fantasy miniseries based on Lewis Carroll’s classic story originally aired on television in 2009.  Highly recommended for an enormously entertaining adventure through the looking glass.

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Watch with wine: Coco Chanel

“Fashion is in the sky.  It’s in the streets.  It has to do with how people think and how they feel and who they are.  Look around you.  Fashion is everywhere.”

Sumptuous costumes, gorgeous sets, and a good story?  You can learn about the life of a legendary designer and be entertained at the same time with this great biopic.

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A most delightful film discovery: Wild Target

“Did they torture you?”

“No, I gave them your address right away.”

How to describe this film?  Quirky, irreverent, and absolutely brilliant.  We almost stopped watching at first because it is rather odd, but frequent chuckles and curiosity led us to the end.  The story of a hit man who falls for his hit and picks up a young apprentice along the way–the three of whom form a makeshift family–is delicious and deeply satisfying.  Realizing it is based on a French film entitled Cible  Èmouvante explains a lot.

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