A must see = The Big C

“Listen, I’m a little pressed for time, so do you mind if I just pay for my stuff real quick and be on my way?  Thanks…  Hey, what the hell are you doing?”

“Sorry, I’m a little pressed for time too.  I have cancer.  So do you mind getting your shit off the counter so I can buy my Irises and plant them before I die?  Thanks.”

A comedy about cancer?  Okay, so it’s more of a dramedy, but don’t let that dissuade you from watching this expertly written series about a suburban housewife diagnosed with terminal melanoma.  This is not a sad show about a depressing illness.  It is a fun show about being happy even when everything sucks.  See how Cathy tackles her new circumstances with humor, passion, and an eagerness to experience all that life has to offer.

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Your showtune for May 26 is

“Cut, Print… Moving On” – Bombshell

Music: Marc Shaiman   Lyrics: Scott Wittman

The development of a new musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe was the focus of Broadway-themed television drama Smash which premiered in 2012.  This number ends act one of Bombshell, the stage show-within-a-show.  Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after the second season and ended on this day in 2013.  Cut, print…  Moving on.


Your showtune for January 17 is

“I Stayed” – A Catered Affair

Music and Lyrics: John Bucchino

Reports of the Lewinsky scandal first broke on this day in 1998 which began a long, tiresome cycle for the entire nation.  In the end, First Lady Hillary Clinton decided to stay with her husband despite his indiscretions.  This declaration from one spouse to another in this stark family drama involves a much different state of affairs, but it is an affecting look at why some people choose to stay in a marriage even in the face of distressing circumstances.


Your showtune for September 2 is

“Just For Tonight” – They’re Playing Our Song

Music: Marvin Hamlisch   Lyrics: Carole Bayer Sager

Sonia decides not to spoil the mood during this pretty act one closer from this intimate drama about the romantic relationship between a composer and a lyricist.  Just for today, don’t let anyone spoil your mood.  As the song says, it couldn’t hurt anyone, and you may come back from the experience a little wiser.