Your showtune for May 17 is

“Leave the World Behind” – Steel Pier

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Leave the world behind today with this little-known Kander and Ebb musical about dance marathons.  The time is the 1930s.  During a brief break from dancing, Rita dreams of being whisked off by the pilot she loves and doesn’t know is living on borrowed time in this ethereal tune.



Your showtune for March 4 is

“Unexpected Song” – Song & Dance

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber   Lyrics: Don Black & Richard Maltby, Jr.

An astonished Emma can’t believe how lucky she is when she suddenly realizes she’s in love in this song from a musical about an English girl’s pursuit to find romance abroad.  In a unique but unusual style which some may call “unexpected,” the first act of this musical is told through song while the second is told through dance.  Hopefully it inspires you to do something unexpected today.


Your showtune for February 13 is

“Fifty Percent” – Ballroom

Music: Billy Goldenberg   Lyrics: Alan Bergman & Marilyn Bergman

Queen of the Stardust Ballroom, the television film this musical was based upon, was first broadcast on this day in 1975.  The show is about a lonely widow whose lust for life is rejuvenated when she starts attending a local dance hall.  After she meets and falls in love with a married man, our heroine belts out this scorching number in which she accepts the idea of having only fifty percent of his affection.


Your showtune for August 2 is

“Too Darn Hot” – Kiss Me, Kate

Music and Lyrics: Cole Porter

This snazzy, dance-heavy number opens the second act of this tuner about a theatre company putting on a musical version of The Taming of the Shrew and the ongoing feud between the two leads.  It’s too darn hot around this time of year, so take a break along with the stage crew who sing this scorcher during the intermission of the show-within-a-show.


Your showtune for July 9 is

“Captain Jack” – Movin’ Out

Music and Lyrics: Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s dynamite songs provided the score for this jukebox musical about 1960’s youth told through dance.  The captain referred to in this song is a drug dealer who gets character Eddie high.  A different but just as sketchy Captain Jack was introduced on this day in 2003 when the first film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series was released.