Your showtune for June 15 is

“If My Friends Could See Me Now” – Sweet Charity

Music: Cy Coleman   Lyrics: Dorothy Fields

Famous triple-threat Gwen Verdon made her last public stage appearance in a benefit concert of this musical held on this day in 1998.  More than thirty years before that, she originated the lead role of plucky Charity Hope Valentine in the Broadway production.  The show follows the romantic exploits of a dancer-for-hire who sees the world through rose-colored glasses and belts this cheerful song when she believes her luck is finally changing.



Your showtune for May 15 is

“It’s Not Where You Start” – Seesaw

Music: Cy Coleman   Lyrics: Dorothy Fields

William Gibson’s play Two for the Seesaw was the inspiration for this musical about the ups and downs of New York City life.  An aspiring choreographer’s dreams are beginning to come true in this zingy tune which shows it’s not where you start as long as you finish big.  This could not be more true than in the case of Nola Ochs, who received her master’s degree at age 98 on this day in 2010.


Your showtune for April 29 is

“A Lovely Day To Be Out of Jail” – The Life

Music: Cy Coleman   Lyrics: Ira Gasman

Isn’t every day a lovely day to be out of jail?  This musical set in the grungy streets of downtown New York follows various inhabitants as they struggle to get by and will definitely make you appreciate the life you’ve got.  If you ever feel the need to be reminded how lovely it is to be out of jail though, listen to this jazzy tune sung by a prostitute recently released after a night in the slammer.


Your showtune for April 26 is

“Hey, Look Me Over!” – Wildcat

Music: Cy Coleman   Lyrics: Carolyn Leigh

A great comedienne left us when Lucille Ball passed away on this day in 1989.  The actress best known for the sitcom I Love Lucy only ever made one star appearance on Broadway in this musical where she played a feisty oil prospector and the titular wildcat.  During this number, she tells her friend how to greet the world with confidence and gusto.


Your showtune for March 19 is

“There is a Sucker Born Ev’ry Minute” – Barnum

Music: Cy Coleman   Lyrics: Michael Stewart

At the 25th Academy Awards ceremony held on this day in 1953, The Greatest Show On Earth won Best Picture in a surprise upset.  Set in the merged Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the film must have charmed critics with its extravagant production value and spectacle, but now it is regarded as one of the worst movies to win the prestigious award.  Seems there truly is a sucker born ev’ry minute just as P.T. Barnum sings in this wry number from a musical about the showman who co-founded Barnum & Bailey Circus.

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Your showtune for December 16 is

“Dimples” – Little Me

Music: Cy Coleman   Lyrics: Carolyn Leigh

Shirley Temple, a child star best known for her curly hair and dimples (having appeared in such classic films as Curly Top and Dimples), announced her retirement from films on this day in 1950.  A woman named Belle narrates her hilarious story in this fictional musical autobiography, telling of how she had a vaudeville act as a Shirley Temple-like character named Dimples in this number.


Your showtune for November 27 is

“You Can Always Count On Me” – City of Angels

Music: Cy Coleman    Lyrics: David Zippel

Count Von Count made his first appearance on children’s television series Sesame Street on this day in 1972, and ever since we could count on the Count to count for us.  You can also count on this torch song for a good time, a lament about men sung by a woman and her alter-ego in this musical tribute to film noir which takes place in the real world as well as a screenwriter’s fantasy.