Your showtune for July 6 is

“Blame It on the Summer Night” – Rags

Music: Charles Strouse   Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

A life full of promise awaited the thousands of immigrants willing to make the journey to America in the early 20th century, the subject of this musical.  This sultry number sung by a woman feeling gloriously liberated as she soaks in her moonlit surroundings will keep you snug and toasty all night long.  Tonight, enjoy the warmth of summer with this sizzling tune.



Your showtune for June 18 is

“What I’ve Always Wanted” – It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman!

Music: Charles Strouse   Lyrics: Lee Adams

According to comic book lore, the fictional Jonathan and Martha Kent got what they always wanted on this day when they found an alien infant they named Clark who would later become known by his alter-ego Superman.  This musical about the hero has Lois Lane reveal what she always wanted in this rosy number.  It’s not what you would think, but keep in mind this was written a long time ago.


Your showtune for June 14 is

“Everybody Wants To Do a Musical” – Nick & Nora

Music: Charles Strouse   Lyrics: Richard Maltby, Jr.

This comedic number is from a show about the celebrated detective duo/married couple Nick and Nora Charles created by author Dashiell Hammett who have appeared in various films, radio programs, and plays throughout the years.  Unfortunately, the musical had a very short run after a very lengthy, record-making preview period.  Its record was finally beat by the musical Spiderman Turn Off the Dark which opened on this day in 2011 after fifteen weeks of previews and multiple injuries, proving just about everybody wants to do a musical.


Your showtune for February 2 is

“How Lovely To Be a Woman” – Bye, Bye, Birdie

Music: Charles Strouse   Lyrics: Lee Adams

No man understands how lovely it is to be a woman more than a drag queen, especially those who participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race, the hit reality competition series which first aired on this day in 2009.  There are no drag queens in this lovely little musical about a rock star being drafted into the army, but it is a delight nonetheless.  So put on a happy face because you’ve got a lot of living to do!


Your showtune for January 28 is

“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” – Annie

Music: Charles Strouse   Lyrics: Martin Charnin

Smiles have been proven to improve your mood.  Listening to this cheerful musical, one can’t help but smile.  This song in particular, though not sung by our relentlessly optimistic heroine, offers some valuable advice.  Everyone appreciates a smile, so why doesn’t everyone feel naked without one?  Don’t forget yours today.