Malden Cemetery, Malden, MA

Malden Cemetery, Malden, MA

There is something enchanting about Cemeteries. Maybe it is the shared grief, the monument to death, the other-worldliness, or the reminder of the ephemeral nature of life. Whatever it is, I love strolling through them. It has a salutary effect on me.


Your showtune for October 10 is

“High School All Over Again” – Is There Life After High School?

Music and Lyrics: Craig Carnelia

Is there life after high school?  Though we may miss it sometimes, the answer is most certainly yes.  Peggy Sue Got Married* was released on this day in 1986, a movie about a woman who gets to experience high school all over again when she is sent back in time.  The character from this song feels like he is back in time in this musical about all the craziness students go through during their years in high school.

*It is of interest to note that a musical version of Peggy Sue Got Married premiered in 2001.


Your showtune for October 9 is

“Where in the World is My Prince?” – Miss Spectacular

Music and Lyrics: Jerry Herman

The 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs features the titular princess speculating that someday her prince will come.  On this day in 2001, more than sixty years later, the film was released on DVD and probably had poor Snow White wondering, “Where in the world is my prince?”  In this musical about a girl seeking glory in Vegas, the leading lady sings this comic ditty when she finds herself down in the romantic dumps.


The Gardens of Schloss Schwetzingen, Germany

The Gardens of Schloss Schwetzingen, Germany

Schwetzingen Palace has some of the most underrated gardens in all of Germany, maybe all of Europe. In the above picture is a garden structure inspired by stories of the mosques of Arabia.

Your showtune for October 8 is

“Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’” – Oklahoma!

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

This bright number starts a capella, the first a capella opening to a musical ever.  Its sunny lyrics set the tone of this show about a cowboy and his cantankerous courtship of a farm girl named Laurey in the territory of Oklahoma at the dawn of statehood.  The song also paved the way for many more a capella opportunities.  On this day in 2010, a completely a capella musical entitled Perfect Harmony began previews off-Broadway.


The Statue of Liberty, Paris, France

The Statue of Liberty, Paris, France

Very few people remember that the Statue of Liberty has a little sister in Paris. She also has a baby sister in Tokyo. Maybe I will post that another time.