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Translating to “angry passion” in Italian, this cocktail pairs passion fruit with Calabrian chilies.“If it grows together, it goes together” is often a mantra for pairing flavors, and the relationship between chili peppers and agave is no different. There is something unexpected and delightful about a cocktail that has a lingering spiciness to contrast its…

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Satan’s Whiskers

Satan’s Whiskers

I was reading Murder in the Dark by Kerry Greenwood and at the end of chapter 6 the author shared the recipe for Satan’s Whiskers. Being entirely enchanted, I immediately set about making the cocktail.

Satan’s Whiskers

1 part gin

1 part Grand Marnier

1 part dry vermouth

1 part sweet vermouth

1 part orange juice

dash of orange bitters

This recipe is found in: Greenwood, K. (2009). Murder in the dark: A Phryne Fisher Mystery. Scottsdale, AZ: Poisoned Pen Press. In my copy it is on page 86. Please immediately drop whatever you are doing and start reading one of the excellent Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries. 😉

Limoncello Spritzer


Limoncello Spritzer

It is too hot outside. So to cool off, I created the Limoncello Spritzer.

1 part Limoncello

1 part Vodka

1 part lemonade

1 part soda water

This drink will work either blended or stirred, but don’t shake (at least not vigorously) lest your top blow off. Watch how much ice you put in, the more ice, the less you will be able to taste the lemony goodness. Garnish with a mint and for an added bonus, let the mint slip down into the drink. 😉 Enjoy.