Your showtune for November 11 is

“Only Remembered” – War Horse

Music and Lyrics: Ira D. Sankey, Horatius Bonar, John Tams, & Harvey Brough

In observance of Veterans Day, this prepossessing folk song reminds us that the outcome of our actions is what remains long after we are forgotten.  It is used in this awe-inspiring [non-musical] play which shows us the horrors and trivialities of war through the eyes of a horse named Joey based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo.



Cologne, Germany

June 3 003.JPG
Cologne, Germany

There is something fascinating about the mix of old and new.

Your showtune for November 10 is

“Fantasies Come True” – Avenue Q

Music and Lyrics: Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx

Fantasies came true when Sesame Street premiered on this day in 1969, a TV series which has been teaching children life lessons for decades as it is still running today.  In this brilliant parody with lessons designed for adults, humans and puppets living in New York struggle to get by and deal with the harsh realities of life.  Closeted homosexual Rod revels in the idea that his roommate Nicky reciprocates his feelings in this beguiling number while the romantically-involved Kate Monster and Princeton realize their fantasies may be coming true as well.


Your showtune for November 9 is

“Child’s Play” – The Fix

Music: Dana P. Rowe   Lyrics: John Dempsey

Horrified by the man he has become, Cal confronts himself in this earnest number from this musical thriller about a politician and his dealings with the mob.  Audiences were horrified by something almost as scary as politics on this day in 1988, the release of slasher film Child’s Play which introduced killer doll Chucky.


Your showtune for November 8 is

“Fabulous, Baby!” – Sister Act

Music: Alan Menken   Lyrics: Glenn Slater

The fabulous Bette Midler’s book Still Divine was published on this day in 2002.  Midler was considered for the role of Deloris Van Cartier in the film Sister Act, upon which this show is based, but it eventually went to the equally fabulous Whoopi Goldberg.  Deloris shares her visions of the future in this madly enjoyable number which occurs early on in this divine musical comedy about a lounge singer who must go into hiding at a convent after a mob boss puts a hit out on her.