Your showtune for April 23 is

“Live, Laugh, Love” – Follies

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

The title of this song is probably framed on a wall in millions of houses across the world.  This is because its simple message is universal.  In this musical about a reunion of performers in a condemned theatre, the man offering this easygoing ideology suffers a breakdown.  It’s important to live, laugh, love, and breathe.  You’ll lose your mind if you focus on the road you didn’t take.


Your showtune for April 22 is

“Think Big” – John & Jen

Music: Andrew Lippa   Lyrics: Tom Greenwald

A girl tells her younger brother about the endless possibilities in life when you think big in this scrappy little musical about siblings and the effect they have on our lives.  Today is Earth Day.  Aside from going green today, think of all the ways you can improve our planet.  All you have to do is think big.


Your showtune for April 21 is

“Bargaining” – Do I Hear a Waltz?

Music: Richard Rodgers   Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

With spring cleaning on the horizon, you really must know how to bargain if you intend to host a garage sale or attend one.  Not to worry.  You can learn great bargaining skills by listening to this jaunty tune where an Italian shop owner teaches an American the tricks of the trade from this lush musical set in Venice.