Your showtune for June 24 is

“Song of a Summer Night” – The Most Happy Fella

Music and Lyrics: Frank Loesser

Tonight, enjoy the tender glow summer brings with this song in dedication of lovers.  Eulogizing the sights and sounds of nature during a summer night, the song persuades a community to allow a bride and groom some privacy.  It is one of many serenely operatic moments in this musical about an intergenerational romance based on the play They Knew What They Wanted by Sidney Howard.


Your showtune for June 23 is

“When Love Goes Wrong” – Lucky In the Rain

Music: Jimmy McHugh   Lyrics: Harold Adamson & Dorothy Fields

When love goes wrong, it can go really wrong, as demonstrated on this day in 1993 when Lorena Bobbitt infamously removed her husband’s penis with a knife.  Luckily, things don’t go quite as wrong in this show about American journalists working for a newspaper in 1920’s Paris.  The two ladies who sing this bluesy lament may note that nothing goes right, but since it is a musical comedy, in the end everything does.


Your showtune for June 22 is

“Quiet Please, There’s a Lady On Stage” – The Boy From Oz

Music: Peter Allen   Lyrics: Peter Allen & Carole Bayer Sager

When Judy Garland died on this day in 1969, the world was left in a state of bereavement and bewilderment.  In this jukebox musical based on the life of Peter Allen, Garland appears as a major supporting character who serves as a mentor to the young, up-and-coming Allen.  The singer/songwriter honors her passing with this solemn number which builds to a celebratory conclusion, made especially moving by the fact that Allen, like Garland, was also taken from this earth before anyone was ready.