Your showtune for July 12 is

“Sweet Heaven” – Copacabana

Music: Barry Manilow   Lyrics: Bruce Sussman & Jack Feldman

After moving locations, everyone was in sweet heaven when the famous nightclub Copacabana reopened in Times Square on this day in 2011, where it stands today.  This musical based on Barry Manilow’s hit 1978 single of the same name (which in turn was based on the illustrious club) tells the story of a showgirl named Lola, the brainchild of an aspiring composer.  In the composer’s imagined show-within-the-show, an incarnation of himself sings Lola’s praises in this swanky number.



“25 Potential Culture Shocks from around the World” infographic offers tidbits of travel wisdom — RocketNews24

What could be hard about taking a pee in Poland? Where are you likely to see camel racing with robotic jockeys? Answers to these and more below! As most of the RocketNews24 writers are either currently residing in or have spent considerable time in Japan, we have countless stories about experiencing culture shock. And whether you’re…

via “25 Potential Culture Shocks from around the World” infographic offers tidbits of travel wisdom — RocketNews24

The Puppenbrunnen of Aachen

Puppenbrunnen, Aachen
The Puppenbrunnen, Aachen

Not only is this fountain nice to look at, it is also nice to play with! The fountain is interactive. You can go up and re position all of the puppets. Evidently, the rooster on the top (whose head I have cut off in my picture) is a symbol of Napoleon’s love for Aachen.

Your showtune for July 11 is

“Night, Make My Day” – Casino Paradise

Music: William Bolcom   Lyrics: Arnold Weinstein

Day made night when a total solar eclipse occurred on this day in 2010.  This musical about the development of a casino in a quiet area by the sea includes this torch song crooned by a woman hoping for some fun.  Like gambling, it can be enjoyed night and day, but unlike gambling, it can be enjoyed risk-free, so why not let this “Night…” make your day?


Your showtune for July 10 is

“Could We Start Again Please?” – Jesus Christ Superstar

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber   Lyrics: Tim Rice

This earnest request is sung by followers of Jesus after his betrayal in this rock opera based on stories of the religious figure’s life found in the New Testament.  Think back to the first of this year.  What resolutions have you abandoned by now?  Ask yourself this question and maybe try for these goals one more time.


The Cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral

The Cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love a good Cloister. There is something about the marriage of indoor and outdoor, functionality and frivolity, privacy and exhibition, that just gets all of my inspiration gears turning. I love a good Cloister.

Your showtune for July 9 is

“Captain Jack” – Movin’ Out

Music and Lyrics: Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s dynamite songs provided the score for this jukebox musical about 1960’s youth told through dance.  The captain referred to in this song is a drug dealer who gets character Eddie high.  A different but just as sketchy Captain Jack was introduced on this day in 2003 when the first film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series was released.