Your showtune for July 15 is

“Do the Necronomicon” – Evil Dead

Music: Christopher Bond, Frank Cipolla, Melissa Morris, & George Reinblatt   Lyrics: George Reinblatt

Cult classic The Evil Dead had such an impact on fans, it spawned two sequels and a remake.  It was also announced on this day in 2013 that an Evil Dead-themed maze would be created by Universal for its theme park’s annual Halloween Horror Nights.  With such popularity, it’s surprising not everyone is partaking in the special dance described in this song by a company of demons from this gut-busting musical parody based on the horror film franchise.



The Cloisters of the Basilica di Sant’Antonio in Padova

Cloisters at the Basilica di Sant'Antonio in Padova
The Cloisters of the Basilica di Sant’Antonio, Padova, Italy

I love cloisters…

Your showtune for July 14 is

“Life is Pandemonium” – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Music and Lyrics: William Finn

Pandemonium ensues in abundance in this musical which covers the proceedings and various hijinks of the titular competition.  First, the spellers in this song complain when another contestant is given an easy word.  Next, they approve when another contestant is eliminated due to a technicality in the song’s reprise.  Since today is officially Pandemonium Day, if things go awry, embrace it, and save your complaints for another day.


Your showtune for July 13 is

“Waiting For Life” – Once on This Island

Music: Stephen Flaherty   Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens

Naïve young Ti Moune stares wide-eyed as a car passes by her island village then prays in this song, imploring the gods for an exciting purpose.  It is a beautiful exultation in this calypso musical about love and class barriers based on the book My Love, My Love or The Peasant Girl by Rosa Guy.  So quit waiting around.  Listen and live.


The Statue of Liang Shanbo and Zhe Yingtai at Juliet’s Tomb

Statue of Liang Shanbo and Zhe Yingtai at Juliet's Tomb in Verona
The Statue of Liang Shanbo and Zhe Yingtai at Juliet’s Tomb, Verona, Italy

This statue was erected in honor of The Butterfly Lovers, a tragic folktale about two star-crossed lovers destined to die (sound familiar?). (***Spoiler Alert***) In the end they are both transformed into butterflies and live out their new lives, happily and together.

Your showtune for July 12 is

“Sweet Heaven” – Copacabana

Music: Barry Manilow   Lyrics: Bruce Sussman & Jack Feldman

After moving locations, everyone was in sweet heaven when the famous nightclub Copacabana reopened in Times Square on this day in 2011, where it stands today.  This musical based on Barry Manilow’s hit 1978 single of the same name (which in turn was based on the illustrious club) tells the story of a showgirl named Lola, the brainchild of an aspiring composer.  In the composer’s imagined show-within-the-show, an incarnation of himself sings Lola’s praises in this swanky number.