The Food Guardians in Milan, Italy

The Food Guardians by Dante Ferretti, Milan, Italy

Produced for the Milan Expo 2015, Dante Ferretti anthropomorphized the Italian Market.


Your showtune for August 11 is

“This is the Moment” – Jekyll & Hyde

Music: Frank Wildhorn   Lyrics: Frank Wildhorn & Leslie Bricusse

After being denied permission to test on a human subject, Dr. Jekyll recklessly decides this is the moment to experiment on himself and takes a formula designed to separate good and evil during this ballad.  By the time the powerful song ends, you’ll feel this is the moment to do something you always wanted to do today, but be forewarned.  Things quickly go awry for the doctor in this gothic thriller.


Your showtune for August 10 is

“Show Me” – My Fair Lady

Music: Frederick Loewe   Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner

Missouri, nicknamed the Show Me State, was admitted into the union on this day in 1821.  While this musical is set across the pond from the U.S., this number could be the Show Me State’s theme song.  Flower girl-turned-respectable-lady Eliza Doolittle sings this fervent demand to her suitor Freddy in the second act, asking him to show his feelings rather than simply voice them.


Chinese House in Sanssouci Park, Potsdam, Germany

Chinese House in Sanssouci Park, Potsdam, Germany

The interesting thing about chinoiserie is that most of the people involved had never been to Asia, much less China. Certainly Frederick the Great hadn’t. However, the rococo period was characterized by fantasy and China was not the only source of inspiration for their escapist fantasies.

Your showtune for August 9 is

“Carpe Noctem” – Dracula

Music and Lyrics: Christer Johansson & Jacob Mülrad

Make the most of your evening tonight with this song which translates from Latin to “seize the night” from this Swedish musical version of Bram Stoker’s ultra-popular tale of the famed night stalker.  Incidentally, “Carpe Noctem” is also the title of a song in an Austrian, German-language vampire-themed musical entitled Tanz Der Vampire*, but it has nothing to do with the story by Bram Stoker.

*There is a significantly revised English-language version of this musical called Dance of the Vampires which was a notorious flop on Broadway.