Your showtune for April 1 is

“Topsy Turvy” – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Music: Alan Menken   Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz

Happy Musical Day!  Today you must sing everything you say…  April Fools.  The citizens of Paris celebrate a similar holiday with a bit of gypsy flair in this jubilant number from this musical based on Victor Hugo’s novel and the Disney animated film.  Be sure to keep your guard up and also your humor on this topsy turvy day.



Marmorkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Marmorkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Entrance to the Tomb of Juliet, Verona, Italy

Juliet’s Tomb, Verona, Italy

Look at the pigeon (maybe a dove?). Good timing, no? I think it was a sign recognizing that I was there with the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your showtune for January 31 is

“Forbidden Love” – Zombie Prom

Music: Dana P. Rowe   Lyrics: John Dempsey

After zombie romcom Warm Bodies premiered in Rome, the virus spread when the film was released on this day in 2013 in the Philippines, Greece, and Russia before moving on to the rest of the world.  However, before the novel and film Warm Bodies, there was Zombie Prom, a wacky musical about the forbidden love between a human and a zombie.



Your showtune for December 10 is

“Before It’s Over” – Dogfight

Music and Lyrics: Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

Before the year is over, make sure you get everything you want to do in.  Need some motivation?  Listen to this folksy song from this musical based on the film of the same name about a young Marine’s encounter with a girl the night before being shipped off to Vietnam.  After being the butt of a cruel joke, it is a beautiful moment of reflection where the timid girl discovers a newfound confidence within her.