Your showtune for March 1 is

“Willkommen” – Cabaret

Music: John Kander   Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Take a trip to a seedy nightclub in Germany at the dawning of World War II with this wicked indulgence from Cabaret.  As you willkommen a new month with the Emcee and his Kit Kat Klub boys and girls, be warned.  After hearing this terrific opening number, you will be extremely tempted to listen to the rest of the decadent score.



4 thoughts on “Your showtune for March 1 is”

  1. And not just once either. I’ve watched the movie at least 200 times, as I wrote my dissertation on it, read the book several times over, and memorized some parts in German (as we were living there when I discovered it, though unfortunately not in Berlin, that came later) in case someone back home asked me to say something in German. So happy to see Cabaret mentioned. Though I will forever associate Cabaret with March because of the beer garden scene.

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    1. It is fantastic, isn’t it? A musical that strays from the traditional “happy” formula with its dark and unsettling tone but is still entertaining as hell. This is why Cabaret will always remain a classic. What was your dissertation about?

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      1. Absolutely. My dissertation was about Bakhtin’s carnival theory as applied to Weimar Berlin via Cabaret. My degree was in Cultural Studies. Wish I was in the U.S. so I could go see them, but I’m still “stuck” in Europe. Not complaining. Was lucky enough to live in Berlin for a while, and while everyone was hanging out in the party districts in the East, I was dragging everyone to the West, to see the places of the 1920s and early ’30s. Interesting thing is, even if some of the old haunts are now grocery stores, malls, and residential buildings, you can still feel the old energy.

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  2. Fascinating. Were you examining it solely through Cabaret the musical, or was it also through the play I Am A Camera, or the original source material, the novel Goodbye To Berlin/The Berlin Stories?

    You wouldn’t want to be in the U.S. now that’s it’s being run by a fascist. My husband and I are actually fleeing because of the orange tyrant. We’re going to Germany (how’s that for a role reversal?), then Tokyo, then New Zealand.


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